Not planned, but Open-Xchange on Debian

So, our SuSE Linux OpenExchange e-mail server has given up the ghost. The hard drive the base system is (or rather “was”…) installed to, has died. Not a problem, but with it being a Friday and no huge rush to get it up and running, I thought I’d try Open-Xchange instead. It’s the natural migration, and although forced a bit quickly, is worth a try.

After all my testing + development at home running Gentoo and with an Ultra 5 at home currently building Open-Xchange onto a Gentoo Sparc64 base, why am I now installing this on Debian? Simple, I know it works very well in the production environment, matches it up with the rest of our Linux systems, and would be quick to install. Sure enough, it’s been fairly easy with the Open-Xchange on Debian Sarge with from .deb packages instructions. Have run into a minor problem in that adduser_ox isn’t automatically creating the IMAP mailboxes when the config is set for this to happen. Think that’s down to messing up the Courier-IMAP config during the install and enabling web folders.

Have been impressed with the speed everything is up and running, especially considering this is my first time with a full Open-Xchange system. I’m now running back through the install creating it all from scratch since I played around with some extra stuff for SSL connections between the services and such and want to clean things up.

The only downside is lack of web-management by default unless you purchase the commercial version, but when it’s basically creating new users, changing passwords, creating shared mail folders and assigning users, there seems to be a ton of scripts available for this on-line. Or, it shouldn’t be too hard to script something to tie-in with our existing web-based control systems for managing the internet content filtering, access rights, user permissions, etc.


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