Open-Xchange on Gentoo Sparc64

So, I’ve done bugger all with my stash of Sun Ultra 5’s since well before Christmas, and since getting back from my holidays I haven’t been bothered either. Terrible waste of equipment, I know!

But, having received an e-mail from the Open-Xchange team about further migration support and whitepapers from SLOX 4.1 across to Open-Xchange, figured that sooner or later our mail server at school is probably going to be shuffled across. If possible, I’d like to get this done before I leave in May as with SLOX support no longer, applying updates is a right pain, and it’s going on for 2 years since it’s been in operation anyway.

One thing I’ve been looking at for a while is expanding the e-mail systems to incorporate external mail functions as well. At the moment, it’s only handling internal e-mail, but bridging the gap seems logical. I’d want to bring in virus scanning of attachments and spam filters for that, which is why I’ve already been looking at ClamAV and SpamAssassin for my Gentoo network systems.

Anyways, I’ve actually got the 3rd Ultra 5 now running Gentoo Sparc64, integrated with the LDAP server (now I know the steps for creating the certificates from configuring the Samba server…) and have made a start on Open-Xchange on Gentoo. Running Sparc64 has already brough up an issue in that there’s no stable Sun-JDK, though there is a blackdown-jdk ebuild I’m currently compiling.

Of course, running it on such an old system means this may take a while, and since the 2nd package on the (long) list of base software has already caused problems, it may take even longer! But, I do like a challenge…


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