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Trying out ThinkFree Office

I’ve been playing with ThinkFree Office for a bit this evening. It’s a web-based Office system running via a fairly intense Java applet that allows you pull in Word, Excel and PowerPoint files from any machine via a compatible web

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New toy on it’s way – 20″ iMac 2Ghz Intel Core Duo

Well, I’ve been after a Mac to play with for a while, and have finally got one on order for work! It’s the new 20-inch iMac 2GHz Intel Core Duo with an upgrade to 1GB DDR2 SDRAM and 256MB ATI

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HP Proliant DL360 with 800Ghz processor…

Usually I ignore hardware catalogues, or just casually flick through them, but anyone that got issue 37 (March 2006) of the business catalogue should check out the servers section for a right bloody bargain (click for larger image): Unfortunately

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Wheeeeee! Faster, faster!

I *so* want a go on this! It’s The Falkirk Wheel, and possibly the most sedate fun-fair ride there is! For those wondering what on earth it is, check out this wikipedia article, but basically it’s a lift for connecting

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Damn power cuts!

We’ve had 3 power cuts this afternoon, but only half the estate has been going out – a couple of blocks down it’s been fine 🙁 Not impressed! But, my £3 APC 1400 SmartUPS eBay steal from a few months

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