Month: January 2006

Photos galore!

Have spent most of the afternoon sorting through all the photos from being away as I was just too tired during the week. Reckon I’m all caught up on sleep now! There were around 200 photos in total, and quite

Home safe + sound

Well, I made it back home around 4p.m this afternoon. The flights weren’t too bad, but the plane that should have flown from Amsterdam to Minneapolis for me to jump on for the return leg had broken down, so Northwest

Two days at the Mall of America

We’ve pretty much spent the last couple of days at the Mall of America, which I thought would be really crap, but turned out quite okay! Although spread out over 3 floors, it’s probably not that much bigger than the

Minnesota Timberwolves vs Dallas Mavericks

After figuring out the light rail system from the Mall of America and realising we actually came into the city from the east and so how to get to the Target Center, we got into the for the basketball fine.

Down to the Twin Cities

We decided rather than renting another car tomorrow, we’d hitch a lift with Kat’s mom down to Minneapolis / St Paul’s since she was heading down here to pick Luke up. Anyone that knows the mid-west will know how exciting