Spam comments within 48 hours?!

Impressively, the first couple of spam comments appeared in the moderation queue about half an hour ago. Why am I impressed? Because I hardly got any comments for 18 months, and have already had 2 genuine comments today – maybe that’s attracted some attention! I had very few problems with pMachine, probably because it wasn’t powering many blogs so it wasn’t worth the effort on the part of the spammers! There’s probably more scripts aimed at hitting blogs powered by WordPress which isn’t much fun.

So, have set SpamKarma2 to munch any more! I already have links through to Spammers Be Gone and Spam Poison for scripts that harvest e-mail addresses. Which is nice.

If you’re trying to comment (really, you are?!), you might get asked to enter a pretty captcha if it’s not sure what you’re up to, otherwise let me know if there are any problems.


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    Mozilla Firefox Mac OS

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