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Well, after a few problems last week I decided it was about time I made a move away from pMachine. It was the pMachine software that’s ran this site from the beginning, with only minor updates along the way as the code base was de-licensed with their move to ExpressionEngine and a halt on pMachine development. A number of good features made me want to stick with it and I had a number of hacks incorporated, but with the release of WordPress 2.0 I thought I’d give it a go.

Importing all the data from pMachine was actually fairly straightforward, however the multiple categories features of WordPress meant it required manual editing to adjust the old posts into the relevant categories. Also, as pMachine handled tags using bbCode, quite a few SQL queries were required to adjust this back to HTML code. I’ve since realised there’s a plugin for WordPress that allows bbCode, but I’m quite happy with the conversion back to pure HTML.

So, some new features include:

  • Multiple categories assigned to each posting if desired (something I really wanted)
  • Links to Technorati + del.icio.us tags for each category from posts
  • Gravtars within comments section (though hardly used!) to stick a picture next to poster
  • Extra customisation for countdown timers
  • Proper moblog handling + posting via e-mail rather than my hacks
  • A host of extra plugins for me play with!

I must say modifying WordPress is much nicer + cleaner than with pMachine. Although the system is similar when adding plugins, I like the ability to activate + deactivate plugins in WordPress and the inclusion of an editor to adjust the code, which pMachine simply didn’t have. Once the code was included within the scripts directory, that was it, and no editing through the pMachine control panel.

Although I’m not convinced about this default theme, it looks quite clean, I like the layout, and it works nicely. I’m moving all the photos across into Coppermine as I’m thinking there might be quite a few photos being posted during the summer, so figured this was a good time to setup a proper image gallery app, and there’s some neat plugins to allow integration with WordPress to!

So, let me know what you think (if anyone can be bothered!) and if you find any problems with dead links or content not loading properly from the archives, please let me know!


Senior Content Development for Microsoft writing about Azure Kubernetes Service (AKS). Model train nerd. Occasionally I play video games.

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