Oh to be a football fan

Well, I had to go deep undercover into the heart of enemy territory this afternoon. An IT company we deal with offered to take me to the Newcastle football match, complete with free food + drink. The lure of free drink was enough to convince me, though being of the red + white persuasion did mean keeping quiet at choice moments during the game.

For those of you unaware, two big north east football teams are Newcastle United and Sunderland. The whole area is very passionate about football, and there is a very bitter rivalry between the two teams, hence the reason I’ve been (jokingly…?) dis-owned by my fellow Sunderland fans at work!

St James Park

Still, wasn’t all that bad – Newcastle lost 1-0 with me being probably the only person in the ground of 51,323 people that was happy – not just because I’m a Sunderland fan, but also because I’d won a few a quid by betting Blackburn would win the match 1-0!

And, just to prove the sporting God’s do have a sense of humour, Sunderland recorded only their second win of the season away to West Bromich Albion by the same scoreline this afternoon.

Fun + games all round!


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