Two days at the Mall of America

We’ve pretty much spent the last couple of days at the Mall of America, which I thought would be really crap, but turned out quite okay! Although spread out over 3 floors, it’s probably not that much bigger than the Metro Center back in England (for those familiar with it!), however the Mall of America doesn’t have much variety. No guitar shops, only a couple of music + DVD stores, etc.!

One cool thing at the mall is A.C.E.S Flight Simulators which have individual flight simulators networked together to fly against other people. You have to make a booking rather than just walking in, but it’s well worth it! I spent an hour in an F/A-18 and is so much better than a flight simulator on a home PC, as you sit in a proper cockpit with the authentic controls, head up display, etc. and the whole cockpit pitches and rolls as you do. When you first get in, your game controller (one of the employees) guides you through the basics over the radio to get you flying, some basic maneuvers, and use of weapons systems, before loading all the pilots up into a dogfight situation. The game controller then acts as air traffic controller to offer advice as to navigation systems, location of enemy aircraft, etc. It’s well worth $50 for an hour!

Yesterday we also hit the movie cinema and went to see Fun with Dick + Jane. If you’ve got nothing against Jim Carey, it’s very funny, though you might find Carey’s usual shenanigans a little too much. Funny throughout, if a little over the top (not that there was anything wrong with that!), and with a cool twist at the end! Like the flight simulator, it’s worth the money!

And a couple of good restaurants at the mall include Ruby Tuesdays (even if you simply check out the menu to view the size of some of their burgers!), and the Rainforest Cafe which is a rainforest themed restaurant with huge aquariums full of tropical fish throughout, tropical plants and animals, and things kicking off every 10 minutes to simulate thunder storms, etc. The food at both was very good, especially at the Rainforest Cafe.

So, have got one more day before heading home 🙁 If we can figure out the transport system, we’re going to try to head to the zoo, as we can leave our bags at the hotel and pick them up later as I don’t fly out until 9.05p.m and Kat will head off to pick up a rental car to drive back to Halstad around 8p.m. Not looking forward to coming back, though at least the overnight flight back to Europe should make the travelling easier and reduce jetlag, especially since I’ll be right back into the swing of things at work first thing Monday morning!


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