New Year’s in Winnipeg

The drive up to Winnipeg was about as exciting as it can get considering there’s about 2 turns in the whole 200 mile drive! When we drove through border control in May we had no problems, this time I had to go in and get my passport stamped but there weren’t any delays – Kat had more problems as she didn’t have her passport, which although isn’t mandatory for US citizens, they much prefer it!

Our hotel was right in downtown, just a couple of blocks down from the MTS Center for our ice hockey game. After a nice meal + drinks in The Union bar, and English-themed pub, we headed for the game. Sitting in row 2 just down from the teams was really cool as you were right next to the action. Still made you flinch when the puck hit the screen or the players got barged into it as it was all just a couple of feet from you! The Manitoba Mooses ended up winning 1-0 though was actually a more eventful game than the score suggested with a number of power plays and one of the players being sent off for unsporting conduct (jabbing his opponent in the face with his stick after already being given a 2-minute penalty for barging!):

Ice hockey from row 2 of the MTS Center!

After heading back to the hotel for a bit, we then headed to The Forks which is where the Red + Assiniboine Rivers meet. There’s all sorts of park ways and gardens around there, along with a firework display at midnight to ring in the New Year. Blagging our way into another English-themed pub without the $20/person cover charge most places were requiring (by flaunting the English accent to the doorman who was most impressed and ended up letting us in for free!), we then headed back out to wander the parks a bit more before the fireworks:

Fireworks for New Year's at The Forks

And now we’re back in Minnesota without any problems coming back into the US (other than for Kat, again!), and with the Pontiac G6 returned to the car rental company (was smooth driving all the way down from Winnipeg in it!). Got a couple of days relaxing here after realising all the travelling is starting to catch up, then probably going to head to Minneapolis on Tuesday, a day early, as Kat’s mom is heading to the cities to pick her brother, Luke, up – figure we may as well catch a lift and spend an extra night in the hotel, giving us an extra day in the cities and not be rushed to get to the basketball game Wednesday night!


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