Month: January 2006

Spam comments within 48 hours?!

Impressively, the first couple of spam comments appeared in the moderation queue about half an hour ago. Why am I impressed? Because I hardly got any comments for 18 months, and have already had 2 genuine comments today – maybe

Coppermine image gallery

I’ve pretty much got Coppermine image gallery working now, and have shuffled across most of the photos from the old galleries. Annoyingly, I’d looked at Coppermine about a year ago, but didn’t think I’d need something quite as complex and

WordPress 2.0 powered!

Well, after a few problems last week I decided it was about time I made a move away from pMachine. It was the pMachine software that’s ran this site from the beginning, with only minor updates along the way as

It’s all official now

Well, I officially handed in my letter of resignation this morning, so not really any going back now! For the unitiated, I’m moving to the US this summer having had enough of sunny England, and reckon I may as well

Oh to be a football fan

Well, I had to go deep undercover into the heart of enemy territory this afternoon. An IT company we deal with offered to take me to the Newcastle football match, complete with free food + drink. The lure of free