Year: 2005

Proof I’m actually here!

Just a couple of quick photos from wandering around the village today. Is quite weird to walk across frozen lakes as if it’s an every day occurence. Suppose it is up here! This is the view looking back onto the

Have just about recovered now!

Well, finally arrived around lunch time yesterday. The plane out of Bethel was delayed by over 2 hours due to ice on the plane which wasn’t much fun after already spending 40 hours travelling. But, the plane into Tuntutuliak was

All my bags are packed…

but no, I ain’t singing the rest of the song! Reckon I’m pretty much sorted, but know I’ll have forgotton something! So long as I have passport, tickets + money, I’ll be fine. After all, I can ask for several

Christmas day – part I

Well, with buggering off to the land of the eskimo bright + breezy on Wednesday morning, we’ve been celebrating Christmas today. Means I get two lots of pressies + Christmas dinners! Well, am sure Kat will throw something in the

Samba integration with OpenLDAP

Truth be told, I just haven’t had the time to play around with this project as much as I wanted. Maybe with it being close to Christmas and stuff winding down at work (plus, just wanting to be in Alaska