Merry Christmas!

Well, definately reckon we got ourselves a white Christmas! We’re off to get water (steal from the school…) which should be fun as there’s only like a 200 gallon tank on the house which is pretty much out now. The locals go ice chipping, where they cut blocks of ice out from the frozen rivers + lakes and then allow it to thaw in their tank. The water is probably cleaner + purer that way, as the village water itself contains traces of arsenic!

But, for a Christmas present Kat made me this qaspeq which is a traditional shirt the Yup’iks wear. Hand made too, and is really comfortable – just like a native!


What did I get Kat for Christmas? Chocolate, a miniature tree to go on her keyring, a Disney sticker book and an engagement ring… There was me, down on one knee (honest, I was!), telling her much I love her, and then the daft bugger said yes 🙂 So, she now has a pretty ring on her finger (some of you will have already seen it). If not, here it is:

Engagement ring

So, guess it’s time for all you wimin’ to get a hat sorted or something like that!

This ring got me into so much trouble coming through immigration at Minneapolis as I seemed to have The Grinch handling my I-94 and ended up with a 10 minute lecture on how he didn’t care where we lived after we got married, and preferably that should be in England (welcome to the US…), but I wasn’t allowed to even contemplate getting married whilst over here. I’d forgot my suit anyways…


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