Christmas day – part I

Well, with buggering off to the land of the eskimo bright + breezy on Wednesday morning, we’ve been celebrating Christmas today. Means I get two lots of pressies + Christmas dinners! Well, am sure Kat will throw something in the microwave next Sunday at least. Bet there won’t be any chocolate brownies or anything either…

Had an auntie on the phone that never listens to you much wishing me a good trip and said she’ll be thinking of me whilst I’m away. She also asked how I cope with the language barrier whilst over there. I couldn’t resist – told her I had a translator for converstations with the Americans. “Ah well Iain, you’ll pick up the language soon enough” she said. Poor thing – is still believing I’m actually going to be living in an igloo for a week!

But, on a slightly sadder note, one of our neighbours lost his fight against stomach cancer on Friday night / Saturday morning and died in his sleep at home. Illness had come on suddenly, and although his family were expecting a struggle, didn’t expect it to come so quick. He was only 36 and leaves a wife and 2 year old daughter. Certainly makes you realise how lucky you are and grateful to at least be able to celebrate Christmas with your family, something although many won’t see as a blessing on Christmas afternoon when everyone starts arguing after too much turkey, they should!


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