See, sometimes it’s worth reading user comments!

Pulled this from the comments on Slashdot with regards to the claim that Apple is killing the music industry:

In other news, the RIAA and major music industry conglomerates have announced new terms for customers purchasing and listening to their members’ music.

“All people do with their CDs and iPods is listen to them. People think that they don’t have to pay anything else beyond the initial purchase price. But what they don’t understand is that they need to pay royalties every time they listen to them,” said RIAA spokesman, Bob Degalhart. “Every song you play on your stereo or iPod should require some form of small micropayment to us for the right to even play that music. Everyone should realize that purchasing the music is only the first of many steps.”

The RIAA and the industry plans to push legislation to require all stereo equipment, MP3 players, and hearing aids be fitted with special software that is capable of completing micropayment transaction per listen. Industry member Sony says that it has special software available for installation on home PCs for this purpose and plans to deploy it in the near future.

That last sentence had me laughing out loud!


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