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Bye bye to Alaska

Well, downtown Anchorage wasn’t that much fun yesterday. The museum of Alaskan history + art is well worth visiting, but other than that it was quite limited in terms of things to do. The Imaginarium is touted as being very

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Mount McKinley flightseeing tour

So, the weather this morning was clear, very clear! After calling up the tour company and getting picked up by Vern, the owner + pilot, we initially had some (funny) doubts with climbing into a knackered Chevrolet mini-van with an

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The bright lights of Anchorage!

Made it safely to Anchorage after a right carry on with flights. Were due to leave Tuntutuliak at 9a.m, but by 10.30a.m we called the airline only to find they had us booked for the 1p.m flight. No real problem,

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Been a few days, let’s do another couple of flights!

Well, gonna be leaving all the igloos in an hour or so. Got a flight up to Bethel (hopefully on a little 3-seater jobby again!) and then another flight back over to Anchorage. A bit closer to civilisation I suppose,

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Merry Christmas!

Well, definately reckon we got ourselves a white Christmas! We’re off to get water (steal from the school…) which should be fun as there’s only like a 200 gallon tank on the house which is pretty much out now. The

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