I’m puzzled

Just had a head of department frantically trying to get into an ICT suite to print something out in colour. This is strange, as he has a colour printer in his classroom. He also has one in the departmental project room. I’m informed he’s tried the library and the learning resources base, and neither of them work, but I’m not to disturb the teacher down there as she’s pissed it’s broken. Don’t understand how the departmental printer isn’t working though, it was fine this morning after I cleared the 30 sheets of A4 it sucked up in one go.

But it’s not the fact that every colour printer is seemingly broken that’s puzzling me. I haven’t been asked to look at any of them yet – technially no-one has informed me of the problems… There must be something I’m missing. People will sit in the staff bad-mouthing me because “nothing every bloody works in this place” and yet I can’t fix anything without being told it’s knackered in the first place. I guess some people would rather sit and complain than do something about it.

Ah well, will get back to wading through the problems that people *have* logged…


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