SLOX – correcting IMAP session errors

SuSE Linux Openexchange server is now no-longer, replaced by Open-Xchange, however our’s is still running (quite) happily.

After a hard drive failure, our /var/spool/imap partition refuses to work whenever the server is rebooted. There are tons of people experiencing similar problems for one reason or another and all sorts of solutions are bandied around. Even SuSE themselves don’t seem to know exactly why it occurs, but it effectively brings the server to a halt by incorrectly handling IMAP sessions, causing the webmail to fail (all mail probably, but we only access via the webmail). Groupware functions continue as normal, and no end of searching through services + log files will show anything is at fault.

The solution is painfully easy. After a reboot, simply do the following (assuming you /var/spool/imap folder is on /dev/hdc4 as in our case):

umount /dev/hdc4
reiserfsck /dev/hdc4
mount /dev/hdc4

That’s it. No messing around restarting services, adjusing parameters, recoving databases, etc. It just needs a manual file integrity check before it will play nice again. Hope that stops someone tearing their hair out.


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