A quick look at Flock

With the laptop currently being peppered with a Stage 1 Gentoo install for a bit of fun + games, I figured I’d also try it with tools I don’t usually run. This has included things like rox and nedit. Thinking that it’s not a system I’m going to be using a lot and being too lazy to remember websites, I installed Flock which includes built-in features such as using the del.icio.us API for sharing bookmarks.

Have been pretty impressed so far. Is still a little rough around the edges, but a number of Mozilla/Firefox extensions are already ported to Flock. Only themes are missing at the moment, but the default Flock theme is quite pretty as it stands. Automatically synchronising bookmarks with del.icio.us is cool, but made me realise tagging is more important than I previously gave attention to. May need to re-organise things a tad.

I kinda thought Flickr would be a bit more impressive than it is, maybe I’m missing something. Can’t see a way to drag + drop photos straight to Flickr, though pulling photos straight into a blog post is straight-forward, though not something I’d use much really. On the subject of blogging, so long as this appears, the built-in blogging features works too, which is very funky. [EDIT] Actually, it automatically closed it after publishing the post. Think I need to tinker with the xmlrpc a bit [/EDIT]. Again, unless I’m missing something, I can’t see a way to insert normal photos straight from your computer, but using the Blogger API built-in to pMachine makes it easy to configure basic postings.

For a browser still heavily in development, it’s shaping up to be something very useful indeed. Rather than jump straight on and try it a few weeks back when it first arrived, thought I’d leave it till things evened out and people stopped praising just because it was new. I’ve tried it on both Windows + Linux machines now and not come across any problems with it. Managing your del.icio.us tags would be useful without having to go to the del.icio.us page itself, but that may be coming soon. Chances are, Flock will replace Firefox on my desktop machines within the next few weeks.


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