Fluxbox – using your own theme

Themes massively alter the way your desktop appears. Default Fluxbox themes are rather boring. Jazz it up a bit – your only limit is your imagination. Good places for themes include http://themes.freshme.at.net and http://www.boxwhore.org

Anyways, once you’ve downloaded a theme, it will usually be compressed. Uncompress it:

tar -xvzf name-of-your-theme.tar.gz

This should present you with a new folder. Within there, you will usually find two additional folders called backgrounds and styles. Simply copy the background image to ~/.fluxbox/backgrounds and your style file to ~/.fluxbox/styles

cp backgrounds/image.jpg ~/.fluxbox/backgrounds
cp styles/style ~/.fluxbox/styles

Now, you will probably need to edit the style with whichever image setting tool you have. For me, this is fbsetbg. Your root.command line is what defines the background image:

rootCommand: fbsetbg -f ~/.fluxbox/backgrounds/NVA-91.jpg

I can now right-click on my desktop, choose Styles from my Fluxbox menu, and select my new style. If you receive an error setting your background image, you will need to go back and adjust the image setting tool in your root.command line.


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