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And they’re off

Sure enough, bang on 11a.m, off they toddles. The book’s now running on what time the boards will turn up. Some ‘orrible git even had the cheek to wager they wouldn’t. That would have been me, actually.

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Tick tock, Clarice…

So, the bacon butties + tea I sent the installers off to munch on didn’t last long and it’s been another half an hour with them sat in their van. Still no boards, and I’m thinking they’re waiting till 11a.m

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Is a race, is a rat race!

Let’s see who gets here first – a dozen interactive whiteboards I’ve been waiting 6 weeks for that have already had 3 failed delivery dates, or my installation team due to fit them today after being called off twice already.

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Let the games begin!

So, kick-off 3p.m tomorrow for the start of the new fantasy football season. My dreams for the season ahead – improve on last year’s performance. Less said about that the better. Turns out most teams have ended up looking very

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First snow

Not here, but on Cairngorm. Always nice to see, though will probably be gone in a few hours!

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