Some bugger decided to skip the treat and go straight to a trick…

Nice way to start a Monday morning, half a network down.

A quite impressive failure of the power supply in our e-mail server. If you look closely, you can see the burn marks on the back of it. Somehow, this zapped back to the UPS knocking it offline and causing it run off the batteries, which then promptly ran out. After taking the server out the rack, recharging the UPS and plugging everything back in (like one great big jigsaw puzzle, even with all the cables neatly labelled) everything seems to be working as normal.

Naughty PSU

As least, that’s if normal involves complaints that the new interactive whiteboards are too high (had to bite my tongue not to respond with “No, you’re just too short”).

Still, at least as of tomorrow I’ll be able to say I’m off to see the eskimos (and Kat, I think her name was…) next month…


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