Clever wording

Am impressed with the wording of the overview of the webcast held by Sun + Google, and the associated press release.

an agreement to promote and distribute their software technologies means “I’ll scratch your back, you scratch mine. We’ll both plot against The Vole”. Nice. Along with companies have agreed to explore opportunities to promote and enhance Sun technologies includes using the Google toolbar within the Java Runtime Environment, and I’d guess, also looking at extending that onto the JDS, and probably into Solaris, especially OpenSolaris. Effectively, building the Google desktop search right into the OS. Sweet. Not quite sure how that would build into OpenOffice / StarOffice, but possibly looking at extending the dictionary features, error correction, picking up web objects to backup issues raised within documents, translations, etc.

Overall, there’s definately a lot more code, personel, and resource exchanging going to be happening behind the scenes. Surely Microsoft must be a tad worried. Even though they’re meant to be buddy-buddies with Sun after a little cash settlement a while back, it’s no secret Sun wouldn’t be too upset if they poached one or two large organisations from Microsoft.

Would be surprised if Sun + Google were looking at extending Java functionality to power an Office suite across the Internet as expected, but definately looks as though they’re pushing together technologies to create and integrated OS where the Internet is transparent to the functionality provided within the system and the applications tied to it. Streaming multimedia, something Google already pushing out with Google TV, built-in chat with Google Talk, the digitising of so many volumes of text; all giving the possibility of an environment where all the functions required for researching, creating, publishing and trading via the Internet become as one.

Something to keep an eye on.


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