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Some bugger decided to skip the treat and go straight to a trick…

Nice way to start a Monday morning, half a network down. A quite impressive failure of the power supply in our e-mail server. If you look closely, you can see the burn marks on the back of it. Somehow, this

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New webserver up + running, I hope…

If you’re here, guess it means the new webserver is up + running. Got sick of running multiple sites off the old server, so moved this site onto it’s own host. Just means I can fill it with more crap.

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Up to 2nd in the league

A good couple of good weeks, spoilt only by Chelsea letting Everton sneak a goal in yesterday. Would have picked up an extra 6 points if they’d kept a clean sheet. But, 2nd place in both the staff league and

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That’s her told then…

Seems like an invasion again – another squawking baby during lunch. Is alright, will grow up one day, and say “Daddy, can I have a pony please?”…

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Ahh, look at the baby…

Another sprog appeared at work yesterday. Smile brought to you by Duke of Prunes

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