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Anyone singing in the rain then…?

Thankfully Hurricane Rita doesn’t seem to be have been quite as bad as predicted, although TV pictures still show pretty bad storm + flood damage. From all the way over here, I can’t quite grasp what things are actually like.

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Whilst downing your pint tonight, spare a thought for those in Texas

Found a pretty good interactive map from CNN plotting the course of Hurricane Rita, available here. Certainly makes you grateful you’re not one of those evacuated from New Orleans being forced to move again, or those sat thankful Huricane Katrina

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Reckon someone got hit with a dictionary…

Just picked this up from a session scheduled to be held at the Northern Education Show 2006: “The NGFL infrastructure is in place, Curriculum Online has stimulated the market and schools are embracing the benefits of interactive and engaging digital

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That’s it, I’ve had enough today!

After finding out about this KS3 ICT pilot crap, I’ve just received an e-mail from my favourite ICT supplier, RM, notifying me that my order has been despatched. Not quite as straightforward as that though. Over 2 weeks ago I

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Of course I want to take part in another ICT pilot…

Well, apparently we’re going to participate in the 2006 KS3 ICT test pilot, and I’ve been put forward as the named person responsible for ensuring our network systems are up to scratch. Nice to be informed of these things. Even

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