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Our delightful ISP at school has taken it upon themselves to block the entire Channel 4 website due to pornography. For those not familiar with UK television, Channel 4 is one of our core terrestrial TV channels and do a load of eduational + documentary shows. They also host a ton of resources to use in schools, and we have over 30Gb of their Clipbank audio + video resources sat on a multimedia server it’s that good.

Why has our ISP deemed Channel 4 to be full of smut? Their new ‘Adult Entertainment Channel’ according to the monkey on their helpdesk. It’s actually a clever marketing trick – the last couple of nights the rest of the advert has been shown on TV and it’s not hardcore porn, it’s shows catered just for adults like politics shows, current affairs stuff, comedies, etc. But, our ISP doesn’t udnerstand the subtly of the adverts and is seemingly worried children are going to be shocked by graphic scenes from the House of Parliament.

That kinda stuff would shock me too…


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