A couple of subtle suggestions…

With my hand about to drop off, anyone unsure as to what to get me for my birthday need look no further!

Yamaha APX-5-A

The Yamaha APX-5-A. Or, a Tanglewood TW15-CE, possibly even the Aria Elecord FET DLX, not that fussy 😉 Failing that, just buy me a pint.

Am really getting fed up with such a wide neck and high action on the Vintage electro-acoustic at the moment. Was nice when I first picked it up coming on for 3 years ago, but you just can’t do anything technical on it without serious pains through your wrist, and barre chords set fire to your hand after 10 minutes or so!

Of course, if anyone has an old Gibson or Takamine acoustic lying around they don’t want, drop me an e-mail…


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