Am now all flickr’d out

Since I got my mobile phone bill through a couple of days ago and realised that I use bugger all of my inclusive call allowances such as 500 text / 100 multimedia messages or 2Mb GPRS browsing, I’ve been thinking of ways to annoy o2 by continuing to spend bugger all on voice calls outside my allowance, but push my media allowances to the limit. The moblog script I wrote a few days ago wouldn’t do much as there’s next to no data to send, plus I’m not really gonna sit writing stuff out on my phone.

But, I decided to go open a flickr account and setup sending media messages straight off my phone to them, then pulling in the latest photo onto here. All this before 11a.m on Sunday too! Jessy is our star attraction for our inaugural snapshot, shown a little way down on the left hand side. Until I get bored, will probably take a new photo every day…


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