Anyone singing in the rain then…?

Thankfully Hurricane Rita doesn’t seem to be have been quite as bad as predicted, although TV pictures still show pretty bad storm + flood damage. From all the way over here, I can’t quite grasp what things are actually like. So long as the media doesn’t start twisting about the chaos caused by evacuating so many people from the Texas coast, especially Houston, when the damage there doesn’t seem to have been that bad and that others are now bearing the brunt of the storm that hadn’t been warned to seek safety. Looked like something out of Independance Day or Deep Impact with hundreds of thousands sat in cars trying to evacuatee the cities a few days ago. Ironically, it wasn’t aliens or a meteorite bringing devastation, but a hurricane likely to be blamed on increased global warming raising water temperature between Africa and the America caused by so many cars.

But, so long as you’ve got an umbrella and cool wellies, guess things aren’t that bad!


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