Whilst downing your pint tonight, spare a thought for those in Texas

Found a pretty good interactive map from CNN plotting the course of Hurricane Rita, available here. Certainly makes you grateful you’re not one of those evacuated from New Orleans being forced to move again, or those sat thankful Huricane Katrina missed them only to find Hurricane Rita heading right their way.

At least the US government and emergency services have moved quickly and got things rolling a couple of days before touchdown on land and seemingly learnt their lessons. I was reading an article from the Times Educational Supplement over lunchtime about a UK research station that had predicted 6 major hurricanes during the 2005 season back in December last year. Didn’t say what their predictions were so far for next year, but one can only hope it’s not quite as brutal.

Thankfully I don’t know anyone in it’s path – Eusa, I keep reminding you my geography is crap, but I’m sure you’re far enough over in Texas to be out the way of the worst of it. Guessing it might get a bit windy for you though!


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