Reckon someone got hit with a dictionary…

Just picked this up from a session scheduled to be held at the Northern Education Show 2006:

“The NGFL infrastructure is in place, Curriculum Online has stimulated the market and schools are embracing the benefits of interactive and engaging digital content. However, content is becoming richer, consuming more bandwidth and becoming increasingly mission critical. To ensure content is accessible and used in a simple and reliable manner at the coalface, a joined up, end to end strategy for content provision and delivery is required. The seminar will focus on the key aspects of content delivery including aggregated purchasing, provision, SSO, Shibboleth, subscription management and content pre-positioning plus the benefits of using a managed service.”

Now, a prize to anyone that can figure out the topic in question.

It’s actually content caching, effectively ensuring a local copy of media files from a particular website are available during a certain lesson. It’s nothing new, and certainly nothing flash. Definately nothing warranting mumbo-jumbo like that.

And no, I won’t be attending…


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