Let’s see if my moblog script works…

So, I got bored at lunchtime. I always steal a newspaper from whichever nice person leaves one lying around. Inconsiderate sods that they are, didn’t leave it on the table where it should be, ready for me to half-inch whilst eating my sandwiches.

That lead to messing around playing uber-geek. Messing around with my Palm, I setup the Bluetooth connection into my Nokia 6820 to automatically bring up the o2 Active GPRS connection to use web-browsing and e-mail on the Palm. It’s never something I could be arsed to do as I never saw the point, but that’s what boredom does to me I guess.

Anyway, that all ran fine, so then I configured the e-mail client on my Nokia to grab my o2 e-mail, which I never used. It downloaded my welcome message from January… But, it got me thinking about moblogging.

Like accessing the Internet off my Palm, I’ve never really seen the need for posting crap on here from my mobile, mainly because pMachine can’t do it. A minor setback. Newer weblogs can, or at least posting via e-mai which most mobiles can do easily, and there is stuff floating around about adding in functionality to post via e-mail, but the couple of scripts that were done a couple of years back aren’t available anymore. So, I grabbed the WordPress wp-mail code and the SquirelMail POP3 class and knocked up some code.

So long as this appears, it works fine! Not that hard, fairly basic stuff, and includes basic authentication to ensure every Tom, Dick + Harry can’t post via e-mail. Nicely cleans things up by deleting e-mail after processing, though doesn’t include posting images. If I can be arsed, might include that at some point. Probably won’t even use all this anyways!

Of course, this might not even work…


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