That throws a spanner in the works…

Not the most re-assuring things to find out first thing on a morning – hearing NorthWest Airlines have filed for chapter 11 bankruptcy. Considering I’ve got about Ã�£1200 worth of flights with them to take me up to Alaska at Christmas it’s not ideal. Laying off 400 pilots in November isn’t going to help matters, though I’m hopful that the flights won’t be cancelled. Amsterdam – Minneapolis should be safe considering Minneapolis is their base, and would hope the same with Minneapolis – Anchorage will hold true.

Having to re-book flights won’t be much fun if things turn nasty, especially with transatlantic flights out of Newcastle pretty much booked out for the route I need to take and NWA being the main airline running to Minneapolis and on to Alaska. Makes me a little nervous about things though, as I was already concerned the weather on the flights out of Anchorage might cause problems – now I get to be a little uneasy about getting there in first place!

Think I’ll go cause some trouble to cheer me up a little…


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