Who you gonna call? Ghostbusters!

Was about time my attention was turned on the head of ICT for a few windups. After crawling across the library floor a couple of days ago to spook him out by making ghost noises from under the table after he was told when you’re alone in there, strange things happen as if the library is haunted, decided moved things up a notch yesterday.

Actually, it worked out nicely with another little joke as one of the science teachers had been trying to e-mail an audio clip of “Hey Joe” to him until I pointed out it would be much more fun to have it played as soon as he logged on to his computer. That got coupled with nabbing a ghost from clipart, a speech bubble with the caption reading “I know who you are…” and blue-tacking it plum in the middle of his monitor. Cue him sitting down and him seeing this cartoon image, take it off his screen chuckling to himself, and then finding all 4mins 52secs. of “Hey Joe” playing.

Well, wouldn’t have been as much fun if he’d been able to stop it playing…


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