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I think this tops the lot

Our delightful ISP at school has taken it upon themselves to block the entire Channel 4 website due to pornography. For those not familiar with UK television, Channel 4 is one of our core terrestrial TV channels and do a

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A couple of subtle suggestions…

With my hand about to drop off, anyone unsure as to what to get me for my birthday need look no further! The Yamaha APX-5-A. Or, a Tanglewood TW15-CE, possibly even the Aria Elecord FET DLX, not that fussy 😉

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Good to know…

The Toshiba Satellite Pro L10 laptops bounce well. Can’t remember reading it being mentioned as good practice within the user manual, and probably best not to do it on a regular occassion…

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Am now all flickr’d out

Since I got my mobile phone bill through a couple of days ago and realised that I use bugger all of my inclusive call allowances such as 500 text / 100 multimedia messages or 2Mb GPRS browsing, I’ve been thinking

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Office workers will appreciate this one

Just found a cool site full of office slang that people locked in cube farms are sure to have a good chuckle at. Not those management buzzwords that don’t actually make sense, but things such as prairie dogging, crop dusting

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