Month: August 2005

Nowt like a good bit ‘o debt

Well, that’s me loaded up onto the credit card for the next few months! Suppose on the bright side I won’t have to sit with a paper hat on my head with an aunty that doesn’t listen to anyone else

Google “Talk”? What’s that phrase about “Jack of all trades, master of none”..?

Again, the first time something meaningful and direct about Google “Talk” (I have to put in inverted commas because it really is a joke calling it that) comes from ZDNet – Most of the press have been singing it’s

How to overtake a TVR Sagaris (and laugh manically whilst doing it…)

1) Sneak up behind a TVR of your choice and stick your window down so you can hear the roar of 400+ BHP desperately wanting to get past some old grandad in a Honda Civic as you approach a dual-carriageway

Apple OS X on Intel, again

Well, when Apple first announced they were moving to Intel chips, I talked about the possibility of a version of Apple OS X being released for ‘normal’ PC’s, allowing you pop a CD in and install OS X onto your

Collection of recent photos

As promised, a load of photos from days out and long weekend in the Lake District whilst Kat was over. Was quite impressed with the new camera, Fuji F450 – dead small + light, battery that lasts forever, excellent 2″