Been quiet lately, eh?!

Well, with the main computer all in pieces for the installation of all the water-cooling equipment (pics coming soon…), can’t pull up all the photos from Kat’s two weeks over here. Was mainly day trips out to Seaburn, Middleton-in-Teesdale, Weardale, etc. and a nice few days in the Lake District, but once I’ve got the main workstation up and running and played around with the photos, will stick some photos up.

Thankfully the weather held for the most part until Kat headed off, but has rained pretty much solidly since! Has eased up a bit today, but was quite funny to see the ships sail out of Newcastle on Thursday for their next leg of the Tall Ships race only to have about a dozen return by Thursday night due to extremely bad sailing conditions and to have 2 days of the Sunderland Air Show cancelled due to the weather.
Well, the last one is a shame as it’s usually a good laugh! Managed to avoid the air show when in Windermere (didn’t really want to sit looking at airplanes when I could be sitting in peace + quiet in Buttermere…) but the Sunderland show is usually quite good.

But, on the subject of airshows, still haven’t wangled tickets for the Red Bull Air Race 🙁 It looks absolutely balistic and incredibly good fun, so why they force people to enter into a weekly ticket draw rather than being able to buy tickets I don’t know. Suppose it’s to try and get people interested, but it’s annoying for those really wanting to get to see it!

Hopefully the replacement radiator will be through in a couple of days to get the cooling kit installed (long story) and can get some pretty photos from the Lake District sorted out and uploaded!


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