Unfortunate scenes in London, more unfortunate as they were expected

One thing really worries me about the bombings in London. It’s not the fact that for reasons beyond my comprehension people would plan something like this and carry it out, causing such a loss of life and injury to so many more. It’s the reasons behind it.
Some have suggested the bombings were planned to coincide with the G8 summit, which I wouldn’t exaclty go along with as the G8 summit started yesterday. Some have suggested it was in response to the Olympics being awarded to London. That makes more sense, but the more concerning thing for me is: had plans been setup to attack either London or Paris, depending on which got the deciding vote yesterday? If so, whoever planned this must have had the resources all ready and setup in Paris, and so not only had the UK intelligence service failed to pick up on things, neither had the French, and detailed plans of the transport system of both capital cities must be well mapped out and documented by the wrong kind of people. Without wanting to get too caught up in things, it’s quite concerning, and disappointing after the amazing scenes of the weekend with the Live 8 concert. Shame those that did it aren’t likely to be brought to justice either.

Now let the Government tell me ID cards would have prevented this loss of life…


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