Month: July 2005

Been quiet lately, eh?!

Well, with the main computer all in pieces for the installation of all the water-cooling equipment (pics coming soon…), can’t pull up all the photos from Kat’s two weeks over here. Was mainly day trips out to Seaburn, Middleton-in-Teesdale, Weardale,

An interesting idea…

Just read an interesting blog entry on ZDNet Open Source by Dana Blankenhorn posing the question: “Would you buy Microsoft Office for Linux?” if it was available. It was more of a hypothetical question and he didn’t seem to be

Unfortunate scenes in London, more unfortunate as they were expected

One thing really worries me about the bombings in London. It’s not the fact that for reasons beyond my comprehension people would plan something like this and carry it out, causing such a loss of life and injury to so

2012 Olympics, here we come!

Somehow it seems that London has been awarded the 2012 Olypmics. I say “somehow” as 3 months ago I had a weekend where I spent a day in both Paris + London, and Paris seemed to want it so much

A musical with dogs in? Whatever next…

It’s a got a puppy playing the piano and pokes a big stick at the British Government, making (more) fun of this whole ID card business. What’s not to like? Make sure you have your speakers turned on, then sit