Hands up who’s glad to be back at work?

Well, the US / Canada trip was amazing. Once I got used to how flat the damn place was (if you look carefully, you can see the curve of the earth, apparently…) and the sheer size of everything, it wasn’t too bad being surrounded by Americans…

“Ah don’t care who ya’ are, that’s funny right there”

Hadn’t taken many photos, as most of it was silly things like the petrol station in the middle of the Manitoba being closed as the owner had “Gone Fishing – Have a Nice Day” and eating cold pizza for lunch with the testicles of Arthur the Bull in fine view, to the joys of US roadworks when they literally remove the entire road (perfect in the middle of a thunderstorm…) and sampling the delights of a night in Valley City, North Dakota!

But just to prove I did actually get to the US, here’s a “proper ‘Smokey & the Bandit’ truck”:

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And me just over the Canadian border where the entrance procedure was slightly less rigorous than having the entire car emptied and search as it was upon trying to get back in the US. A hint, don’t drive through North Gate border control – the guy has had a sense of humour bypass. You’re not allowed to smile or laugh, even when you are trying to roll your sleeping bag back up after they can’t figure out how to do it…


The only break in the complete flatness of Minnesota, Saskatchewan, North Dakota and Manitoba, Que’Apelle Valley or however the hell it’s spelt. Basically, a big glacier cut through the landscape all the way from Regina, the capital of Saskatchewan, right the way down to the border of Manitoba and the US, dropping about 400ft. It literally comes out of no-where, and the river running through it was one of the major fur-trading routes back in the 1800’s:


And finally, couldn’t leave without mentioning the poor car giving up the ghost and firing one of the pistons through the side of the engine block after seizing up on the way back into Minnesota. After some really friendly + helpful people and getting to ride in the back of an SUV with a 4 month old great dane puppy, the truck of a slightly eccentric and stinkingly rich Floridian before a tow truck driven by a mechanic with a proper blue shirt on complete with his name embroided in red letters, we ended up spending the night in Valley City. If there’s one place you *need* to go in your life, make it this place. Seriously. Send me a postcard letting me know what you think…


Anyone after parts (except the engine…) from a ’98 Saturn Wagon, let me know!

So, other than the flight back throwing my body clock a little by landing 13 hours after taking off with only a 7 hour flight, and changing 7 time zones (still can’t figure that one out…), being back at work naturally is the last place I’ve wanted to be! But, at least I got me a baseball glove.

And, of course, sod’s law, the buggers at security didn’t check my hand luggage going back out when I had nice things like in, rather than when they did a spot check whilst going out. Ahem. The one damn time I haven’t set off the metal detector thing, I got pulled for a spot check.

Definately going back, sooner rather than later!


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