Month: June 2005

How impressed am I with Debian 3.1..?

Very impressed! It’s been 6 years or so since I first started messing around Linux, and although I’ve used pretty much every Linux distro out there, and done 15 months of tech support for SuSE Linux, I’ve never really been

Some things make me smile…

Quite appropriate given a certain Labour front-bencher’s show of affection this week. Serious message behind it though, apparently. Bollocks to ID cards… More info on No2ID from their website. Cartoon by Matt Buck (who has some seriously funny shit going

An efficient ICT support service – surely not?!

Well, the laptop has returned this morning with a new hard drive. Impressed at the speed at which it has come back, though wasn’t expecting anything less to be honest. They’ve also sent the old hard drive back with it

I’m sure I’ve missed something here

Well, the laptop has pretty much given up the ghost and just isn’t playing nicely at all, so is winging it’s way closer to the big workshop in the sky. At least, it’s being picked up tomorrow for repair, but

Ever heard the phrase “He could sell shit off a shovel”…?

This looks frighteningly like a real product – it genuinely seems like it isn’t just someone having a laugh: If you’re really that interested, is the website. I’ve seen it all now…