What drives people to lie?

I often wonder what drives people to lying. I mean, everyone tells little white lies every now and again, and would rather pretend something didn’t happen or hope someone else got blamed, rather than sticking your hand up and admitting fault. But, ‘youfs’ at the moment just have no idea.

A couple of days ago, I let one of the science teachers borrow one of my USB drives to copy across work from one of her classes so they could be printed elsewhere as it easier than trying to explain to the class saving to a hand-in point within the learning resources. Once the teacher had printed all the work off back down in her lab, the drive then dissappeared. A kid then claims he found outside the lab and so hands it back to the teacher.

Now then, that story would have been fine. However, two of this kid’s classmates had already been to see a teacher having seen the drive being stolen. It was only when said kid was confronted by his form tutor a confession was offered. He then said he’d deleted a load of work so he could put photos of cars on it. So, the form tutor sends him along to give it back to the science teacher, and this is when he claims he’d “found it”. The science teacher didn’t think much of it as he seemed quite genuine. Obviously, he doesn’t think anyone else talks to to each other.
Off I go, having finally got the drive back and spoken with his form tutor, and drag this kid out his class and ask him what happend. Still, he claims he found it. Then I explained I spoke with his form tutor. So, he admits he deleted work, but nothing else. I explain his classmates grassing on him. Then he admits he stole it.
Now, we’re not at the stage where he’s told me he stole it, and I’m the second person he’s told about deleting work. I put the question “why did you take it and then delete my work?” to which he replies “I just found on the floor and then gave it to my form tutor in case someone had lost it”. He even lied about who he gave the damn thing back to.

There just seems to be a distinct lack of, not morals, but lack of emotion for kids at the moment. It’s the same on a weekend when I go shopping, or see kids walking down the street when I go down the pub. No-one seems to care about anyone else – it’s the “I’m alright, Jack” attitude, and it’s shit.

Anyway, thankfully the kid hadn’t deleted a load of tools off my USB drive, and the rest I should have stored elsewhere so can recover. It’s more the fact he couldn’t even admit what he’d done or offer an apology until prompted. But, his computer account is disabled until I decide otherwise.

See how he likes all his files being deleted…


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