Think we got ourselves a winner

Game of the day – who can get the highest weighted phrase limit from the content filtering systems? Don’t usually pay much attention to the damn thing once it’s denied a request, but this one request jumped out. I rarely sit and watch the requests in real time unless I want to drift off to sleep, but this one practically filled the screen with the actual words + phrases included (which I’ve taken out so not to shock people before a 9p.m watershed!):

2005.5.25 13:30:01 username censored *DENIED* Weighted phrase limit of 100 : 4433

A score if 100 is pretty lenient, and even if you really push it, you can’t get more than 500/600. 4433 is immense, it really is. The amount of words being hit and calculated was cool. Not even a bad site, other than the fact it allows kids to find out naughty meaning’s of other people’s names!

Wonder what the other top scores have been – could offer a prize at the end of each term…


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