That was an eventful lunchtime

Amazing how some people just never seem to change and you can just sit and have a bit crack on with them even though it’s been years since you’ve seen each other.

Basically, there was me minding my own business (for a change) eating my lunch when in walks a familiar face asking if Sharron was around. Turns out it was my old form teacher from school! “Bloody hell miss, nice hair” I said (never one to miss an opportunity), “fouldsy lad, what you doin’ here?!” she said. Roll on extended lunch break sitting chatting about who is doing what and constantly being reminded how I haven’t kept in touch. She didn’t either in fairness!
Was actually really nice to sit down and chat like that (I would say reminising about old times, but not quite!) and making fun out of each other or ex pupils / classmates.

Told her I’d pop through and see her before the summer as it’s on my way home, well just round the corner actually, so long as she had some nice biscuits. Hmmm, chocolate digestives…


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