Perfect timing once again

You can always rely on fuck-wits to do their job right (or rather, wrong). They never seem to do anything properly, but whenever you really want something to fail, they never disappoint. So just when you have the schools ICT inspector lurking around waiting for a demonstration of something that’s been months in development with the goal of flogging it to him, right on cue our excuse for an ISP manage to balls it up. How one of their cache’s failing can bring their backbone down (redunancy is a word that springs to mind, but obviously not their’s) I don’t know, nor how it can take the best part of the 3 hours to correct. Hell, I know what they’re running down there and know one of their boxes can be built and re-configured from scratch in under an hour.

Net result, DurhamNet want shooting. Think I’ll get one of them Bond cars and drive past their offices with guns blazing at 5p.m.


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