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So, I decided I’d turn on the auto-blocking feature on the proxy after deciding I was bored and wanted to annoy the kids. The results based on yesterday’s log analysis:

“In total, there were 4113 unique domains handled, of which 614 were already blocked, 22 sites were already classed as being acceptable, leaving 515 that were suspect and not currently blocked.”

That was actually a quiet day – only 220,000 requests logged, with the 2p.m-3p.m peak of requests denied only around 32%. It can hit half-a-million+ requests with closer to 65% requests blocked last lesson of the day.
Can’t wait to see how things are by the middle of next week. Word has already gone round that websites are automatically blocked now. The average requests denied from this morning is around 40%, so heaven help me next lesson when the year 10 + 11 rejects are dumped in the IT suites. They’ll not be able to get on anything within 30 minutes of logging on and I can see the stats going through the roof! Either the stats will, or they will. Could be fun to find out.

Suppose I could be nice and stick them into a less-restricted filter group, and simply let the proxy pick out the sites to block without them realising. Then drop back into the core filter group when they go for their break and see what happens when they come back…

Can be a right bastard, me!


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