Month: May 2005

USA here I come!

Well, am heading off to the airport in an hour or so. Flying across to Amsterdam and got an hour to get across to the flight to Minnesota. Get back Monday 6th June, as I’ve only got a week for

Why so much hype about Apple?

A recent article on The Register by Andrew Orlowski is the first article written about Tiger (or Mac OS X 10.4 to give its full name) I’ve read that’s hit the nail right on the head. Firstly, I haven’t used

What drives people to lie?

I often wonder what drives people to lying. I mean, everyone tells little white lies every now and again, and would rather pretend something didn’t happen or hope someone else got blamed, rather than sticking your hand up and admitting

Think we got ourselves a winner

Game of the day – who can get the highest weighted phrase limit from the content filtering systems? Don’t usually pay much attention to the damn thing once it’s denied a request, but this one request jumped out. I rarely

Bloody foreigners…

Crazy lady says what – ? The location is quite ironic too. I like shit like this – makes me realise that although I may *seem* insane at times, there’s always someone else (usually American…) that leaves me for