Something’s not quite right here…

So, all the servers came up fine which is unsual during the Friday maintenance. No music to delete. No movies to remove. No porn to put ‘orrible little kids on detention for. Maybe’s they’re all starting to realise that spending Monday – Thursday finding ways of downloading content onto the systems only for it to be wiped on Friday isn’t such a good idea.
Then, after 3 hours of coding this afternoon, the updated helpdesk integrated with the Intranet works fine. Hasn’t crashed yet, at least. Which is worrying since I’ve got ISS (I know, I know) running the NTLM authentication before querying a MySQL database on a separate system, before redirecting through to the relevant internal webserver based on the user logged in. Is actually quicker than when the whole thing ran off ISS, but that’s hardly a surprise.
And, with a May Bank Holiday weekend nearly here, the sun is still shining, the weather forecast is looking good, and the chance of a good soaking so traditional on holiday weekends seems pretty slim.

Something’s gotta give somewhere!


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