MacBackpackers 7-day grand tour of Scotland

The mob in it's entirety!

Well, after one hell of a 7 day trip, worked sucked. All you other guys seemed to be be off elsewhere touring, which made getting up at 7a.m to fight through the morning rush-hour even more fun. At least Tanya was probably doing the same thing, and thanks Gra – was expecting an e-mail first thing letting me know you were waiting to head for your Ireland tour…

But, memories! All the photos put on here are simply to stir yours. Look and laugh through your own photos. These are just a selection of mine that I like. Click on each of the smaller photos for a larger image. These are still scaled down to speed things up and stop the website falling over, so e-mail me if you desperately want any full-sized images. Also, you will need to click one the ‘More’ button to see each day’s photos to stop them all loading on the front page!

Am waiting for Gra to stop touring and get a load of his photos through – they’ll go straight up on here as and when, and all you other guys with photos, send them through! Especially those of people as I’m crap at people photos – they always blur 🙁

But, hope everyone else enjoyed the tour as much as I did! See you all again in a year up on the Isle of Skye to dip your face in the stream by Cullin View to make sure we never look like ageing a year 😉


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