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MacBackpackers 7-day grand tour of Scotland

Well, after one hell of a 7 day trip, worked sucked. All you other guys seemed to be be off elsewhere touring, which made getting up at 7a.m to fight through the morning rush-hour even more fun. At least Tanya

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Day 1 – Edinburgh to Oban

Click the ‘More’ button to load up the photos of daye 1 of the tour

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Day 2 – Argyle and Kilmartin Glen

Click the ‘More’ button to see photos of day 2 of the tour

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Day 3 – Oban to the Isle of Skye

C’mon, you know the drill by know…

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Day 4 – Tour of the Isle of Skye

Still reckon there’s too many photos to load, but click ‘More’ anyway!

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