Doomed, I tell ya, doomed!

At what point can you say: “Fuck it, I’ve had enough?”. Nothing seems to make sense anymore. If I couldn’t make a lot of noise on the guitar I’d be well fed up. Plus, I’m probably gonna die. I lived off Tesco Value products and frozen foods for months:

Tesco - every little helps

Ah well, live fast, die young.

But, on a lighter note, whilst trawling my mp3 collection, found a ‘b’ side by Radiohead called Gagging Order which I’d never actually heard before for some reason. Anyone that plays acoustic guitar needs to hear this track, learn it, play it and love it:


Artist: Radiohead
Album: Go to Sleep (US)
Track: Gagging Order
Tabbed by: thekillinghordes

Tuning: D# Bb D# F Bb D





And as my family of guitars and equipment has grown a little bit recently, here’s what I’ve been attempting to play the above on (amongst other things), and with limited success:

My family of guitars

From left to right, Ibanez GSR-200 bass, Marshall MG250DFX amp, Yamaha Pacfica 112 electric and Vintage VEC500-BL electro-acoustic. The neighbours love me.


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